Membership Benefits

Membership Tiers and Benefits Overview

IABS provides a range of membership levels tailored to diverse needs, ensuring members enjoy exclusive benefits aligned with their preferences and requirements. Explore the details of our membership offerings below.

Individual Membership

As an individual member of IABS (International Association of Biomedical Sciences), you can enjoy a range of benefits that contribute to your professional growth, networking opportunities, and access to valuable resources. Here’s a list of potential benefits:

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with leading professionals, scientists, and researchers in the field of biomedical sciences.

Attend conferences, forums, and events to build a strong professional network.    

Access to Cutting-Edge Research:

Stay updated on the latest advancements and breakthroughs in biomedical sciences.

Discounted Event Registration:

Enjoy discounted rates for registration at IABS conferences, workshops, and other events.

Recognition and Visibility:

    Showcase your profile on the IABS website, gaining visibility within the biomedical community.

    Receive recognition as a member in event materials and publications.

Collaboration Opportunities:

    Explore collaboration opportunities with other members, organizations, and institutions.

    Access a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and joint research initiatives.

Community Engagement:

    Engage in discussions, forums, and community-driven initiatives.

    Contribute to shaping the direction of the biomedical sciences community.

Discounts on Publications:

    Enjoy discounts on IABS publications and affiliated journals.

    It’s important to note that the specific benefits may vary, and it’s recommended to contact IABS or check the detailed membership documentation provided by IABS for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Corporate Membership

      As a Corporate Member of IABS (International Association of Biomedical Sciences), your organization can access a range of benefits that contribute to visibility, collaboration, and professional development within the biomedical sciences community. Here’s a list of potential benefits for Corporate Membership:

Enhanced Visibility:

Featured recognition on the IABS website as a Corporate Member.

Inclusion in promotional materials, increasing visibility within the biomedical community.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with other corporate members, institutions, and industry leaders.

Sponsorship and Branding:

Opportunities for corporate sponsorship of IABS events, conferences, and activities with discount rates.

Showcase your brand through event signage, materials, and promotional channels.

Employee Participation:

Enable 3-5 employees from your organization to become IABS members.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

Facilitate collaboration with other corporate members, academic institutions, and research organizations.

Event Participation Discounts:

Enjoy discounted rates for your employees’ participation in IABS conferences, workshops, and events.

Showcase your products or services at IABS-sponsored events.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition:

Showcase job opportunities within your organization to the IABS community.

Access a talent pool of professionals and researchers in the biomedical field.

It’s essential to review the specific terms and conditions outlined in the Corporate Membership documentation provided by IABS for accuracy and contact IABS or check up-to-date information.

Premium Individual Membership

    As a Premium Member of IABS (International Association of Biomedical Sciences), individuals can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance their professional development, networking opportunities, and access to resources in the biomedical sciences field. Here’s a list of potential benefits for Premium Membership:

    VIP Access to Events:

    Priority access to IABS conferences, seminars, and workshops.

    Exclusive invitations to premium members-only events and meet-ups.

    Networking and Collaboration:

    Connect with renowned professionals, researchers, and industry leaders in the biomedical sciences.

    Opportunities for one-on-one interactions and collaboration with experts in the field.

    Free or Discounted Event Registrations:

Complimentary or significantly discounted registration fees for IABS-sponsored events.

    Access to premium seating or exclusive sessions during conferences.

    Recognition and Visibility:

    Featured acknowledgment as a Premium Member on the IABS website.

    Inclusion in promotional materials, raising visibility within the biomedical community.

    Customized Professional Development:

    Tailored resources, workshops, and training sessions to support individual career growth.

Recognition and Awards:

    Eligibility for IABS awards and recognitions for outstanding contributions to the field.

    Opportunities to showcase achievements through IABS publications and events.

    Discounts on Educational Resources:

    Special discounts on IABS educational resources, courses, and professional development materials.

Community Engagement:

    Engage in premium members’ forums and discussion groups for advanced networking.

    Participate in exclusive community-driven initiatives and projects.

    It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions outlined in the Premium Membership documentation provided by IABS for accurate and up-to-date information.

Executive Corporate Membership

Except for the above corporate benefits, we can come to discuss your special needs, such as targeted recommendations for your service offerings, recruitment of personnel, and contact with collaborative partners, etc.

Associated Costs:

Student/ Postdoc Membership: $30 per year.

Standard Individual Membership: $90 per year.

Corporate Membership: $700 per year.

  Premium Individual Membership: $900 per year.

  Executive Corporate Membership: $2000 per year

    Please note that these costs are subject to change, and we recommend contacting our membership services for the most up-to-date information.

   How to Join:

    To initiate the membership process, please visit our Membership Page or contact our Membership Services at